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Brightly coloured fish live in ocean and sea waters – characters of an infinitely beautiful world. The Venyx Rainbowfish and Starfish rings with their coloured scales reinvent these characters.┬áThe Starfish ring shines with diamonds and coloured gemstones.

  • 18k Yellow Gold approx. 8gr
  • Black Rhodium
  • 34 Diamonds 0.23ct
  • 14 Garnets 0.13ct
  • 26 Amethysts 0.21ct
  • 20 Blue Diamonds 0.15ct
  • 8 Pink Sapphires 0.05ct
  • 12 Yellow Sapphires 0.06ct
  • 12 Emeralds 0.08ct
  • Height 21.5mm, Width 19mm
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