To go under the sea is to be on a different planet. The enigmatic depths of the ocean reveal only what it wants us to see. Within it, nature is at its most vibrant and powerful. Ever-enamoured by the power and unfathomable grandeur of what lies beneath, VENYX introduces the new INTO THE DEEP collection. Take our hand, and take a deep breath…

In the spotlight is an emblem of power: the shark’s tooth. The collection plays with gold to recreate the imperfect lines of the tooth, creating with it a unique and contemporary charm that fuses fine jewellery with nature’s contours.

VENYX is devoted to celebrating the planet and its place in the universe. This comes with a respect for the earth and its elements, and a sense of duty in its protection. 10% of proceeds from the INTO THE DEEP collection are donated to the SeaLegacy charity, whose mission is to create healthy and abundant oceans, for people and for the planet.