A brief history of Venyx

& the origins of Planet Venyx

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Imagine being free… free to go anywhere and everywhere, as your imagination takes you – not just location-wise but time-wise. Free to travel back in time to the elegance of the 20s and retro 50s or to meet heroes of history. Free to travel forwards in time too, and explore wondrous planets and secret galaxies.

Conceived as a planet, Venyx is a blend of landscapes inhabited by intriguing living creatures and remarkable for its powerful natural phenomena. The jewels are the aesthetic synthesis that Designer Eugenie Niarchos finds in them.

A keen traveller, Eugenie collects inspiring imagery from her many journeys and carefully nurtures them on Venyx world as the starting point for her creations.

Merging classical and the antique with modern concepts is the aim, with future creations set to include jewels and high-tech bejewelled objects. Welcome to our mystical planet.

The Origins of Planet Venyx — a Q&A with the Designer

Q: Why did you name your brand Venyx? What does Venyx mean?

A: I really wanted to build a brand that represents a universe, a world of its own. I called it Venyx World. Venyx is a blend of Venus – the planet and Onyx – the stone. The name sounds mysterious and incites curiosity in people. This imaginary planet or world is the backdrop of my creations and designs. It provides a framework to the stories that I can tell through jewellery yet it gives me creative freedom – many things can happen within a world – there are many things to explore and to observe on a planet.

Q: And how does the science-fiction world of the brand reflect on the designs?

A: I am extremely inspired by anything futuristic and out of this world. I try to create innovative designs by breaking the rules of traditional jewellery shapes.

Reptilia, my first collection, honours the beauty of reptile skins in a futuristic way. Theiya too focuses on ethereal elements that come to life in a futuristic way. Venyx is to be a brand of the future.

Q: Will your patterns change in your future collections?  Could you give us some hints on what we are going to see in them?

A: For now, my collections pay homage to the beauty of Nature which makes us think again about what is really beautiful and precious in life. It has so much to offer! The coming collections are going to keep the natural element to them yet be very different, so watch this space.

Editor’s Note: Eugenie Niarchos

Eugenie Niarchos time-travels through her jewellery creations: a balanced fusion of retro and futuristic aesthetics. Clean, uncluttered lines that redefine the old and make it new. Small details inspire concepts and define a story that Eugenie skillfully recounts by translating the ordinary into remarkable jewels. After starting her career in fashion, Eugenie finds herself drawn to jewellery. She collaborates, firstly, with Repossi for a creative collaboration, then joins forces with Vanessa Seward in creating two capsule costume jewellery collections for Azzaro. She specializes in fine jewellery design and diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America and furthers her experience at Christie’s Fine Jewellery Department in New York. Inspired to create her own line and following her eccentric sense of style, Eugenie founds Venyx.

What makes Venyx jewellery?

Venyx creates innovative designs that break the rules of the more traditional jewellery shapes.

All the jewellery pieces that are part of the world of Venyx have a story, or are part of a story. This is a big part of what makes a jewel extra-precious.

It is not only about the luxurious, rare and beautiful materials used in crafting the pieces, but also about the story. This is what gives life to a piece or a collection.

On planet Venyx, the stories have a very retro-futuristic nature. They are both nostalgic of some eras that designer Eugenie Niarchos loves, like the 1950s, and futuristic as she is often inspired by anything that is out of this world.


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